27. Mai 2014

Parents-Meeting 2014

Parents MeetingA few weeks ago, we had a parents-meeting at "Happy Watoto Home" Ngorika. Those relatives who attended, took a long walk, to being able to attend. Mary - our social-worker - held a few workshops to the relatives of our children. 1. Topic: "General welfare of Homes Children" Discipline + Academic welfare, to ensure a better future for the children. 2. Topic: "Birth Certificates": Can you imagine that some of our children still do not have a Birth Certificate? We want relatives to be responsible of tracing their children's Birth Certificates and to present them to us (as in the future there is a government regulation that a child without one should not be enrolled to any school) 3. Topic: "Visiting Day": Until now, only few relatives visit their children/nice/nephews. So we established a "Visiting Day", to encourage relatives of home children to take this seriously so that they can be more and more in touch with the children.