24. August 2016

Besuch der Kirche (Englisch)

Volunteer Maret went to church with the children On Sunday every once in the two weeks, the Christian children from Ngorika Home go to church. There are a lot of different movements within the Christian faith in Tanzania. For example they have the Pentecoste, Jehova, Catholic and Lutheran church. I decided to join the group of children going to the Lutheran church in Meru, a 30 minutes walk from Ngorika. The service took about three hours in Swahili, with a lot of singing and dancing. A lot of people gave money or even goats, chickens, milk and food to the predicant. At the end of the service everyone went outside and sat down outside in the grass. They were going to sell all the food and animals. Because the church was so honored that I visited their service as a "mzungu" (white-skinned person), they gave me a big bag with mango's as a thank you gift.