Things to know about your donation.

General information about your donation

Donation receipt
For amounts up to 200.00 euros, the deposit slip or account statement is considered a donation receipt and can be submitted to the tax office. 

For donations of more than 200.00 euros, the tax authorities require a separate donation confirmation. Of course, we can also issue donation receipts for less than EUR 200.00 on request.

Please write your exact address details legibly on the donation receipt!

We will send the donation receipts by March of the following year. If you are missing proof, please call us or contact us – we’ll take care of it.

Recognized non-profit
The Good Hope Center e.V. association is recognized as a non-profit organization by the Gütersloh tax office and may issue donation receipts.

Notice of exemption
The exemption notice from the Gütersloh tax office is available and a copy can be sent on request.

Very important
Unfortunately, we often lack the contact details to say thank you, to send the requested donation receipts, or keep our supporters up to date on local activities. Please send us your complete contact details and look forward to receiving mail from the Good Hope Center e.V.

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