Members, Carers, Volunteers

The good people behind Good Hope Centre e.V.

Happy Watoto Homes & School is a project that brings together people from different backgrounds for a common good cause. Without a doubt, the closest to the children are our African caretakers on-site, who day and night ensure that the children at the Kikatiti and Ngorika sites want for nothing. Our volunteers, who usually spend between 3 and 12 months in Tanzania, also help with determination and inexhaustible energy. Behind the scenes and regularly visiting the site, the Good Hope Centre e.V. board members work exclusively voluntarily and with outstanding commitment to making such a project possible. Here we introduce the people who give their all for the children of Happy Watoto Homes & School.

1. Our Board Members

A selection of the representative members such as the board or the contact person for public relations of the Good Hope Centre e.V. The association has many other members who volunteer for our projects.

Frank Maser

1st Chairperson

Dorothea End

2nd Chairperson

Andreas Mietz


Susanne Giebson

Volunteer Representative

Werner Schulze-Erdel

Man of the first hour, our Mr. Charity Events

Christian Mathiesen

When it comes to film and photos.

Thomas Biermann

Always on hand for graphics and printing.

Christian Cramer

Tirelessly committed to our projects

Walther de Nijs

Our man on the ground in Tanzania

2. Our Caregivers


General Manager


Home Management & Board of Social Work












Social worker


Teacher/Carer/Football Coach

3. Our volunteers: Volunteering on site at Happy Watoto Homes & School

Volunteers make a valuable contribution at our locations in Kikatiti and Ngorika, support the caregivers, teachers & social workers and have a lot of fun with the children in the process. Whether after finishing school, during semester breaks, as part of a compulsory internship, as part of a sabbatical or after retirement – volunteering with our children at Happy Watoto Homes & School is a great way to experience a new culture and get involved in charity.