COVID-19 hits Tanzania

Last Wednesday, Tanzanian President Magufuli made the unexpected and drastic decision to immediately close all schools and orphanages and send the children back to their original place of origin.

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This measure was his immediate reaction to the first three Corona infections that became known in Tanzania.

We at Good Hope are convinced that the children would have been much better protected on our premises than outside, but we, unfortunately, had to comply with this official order.

It is with great concern that we have had to close our facilities. However, the most vulnerable children or children for whom we cannot arrange external childcare will remain with us for the time being, as long as the number does not exceed a “normal” family size.

According to the Ministry of Education, the closure of the school is to be considered an early and extended school holiday, making up for lost school time in June. Our team of teachers very quickly created a packet of homework for the children to work on in the meantime.

Our team in Tanzania did extremely well and adapted very quickly. A travel budget was provided if needed, and enough food was given. All children are ensured that they are safe and receive the basic care they need. The caregivers, teachers, and management will support our social workers in the coming period. We have strongly recommended that all follow-up is done remotely. We have also made our food budget available for financial support to the affected families.

In addition to the high professionalism of the local team, we are very reassured that we have financial reserves to support the families and pay the staff for a longer period of time. The Tanzanian government has no safety net for this kind of extreme situation.

“Our” children in Tanzania will need your support more than ever. Therefore, we sincerely hope that you will continue to remain loyal to us and support us financially. We express this hope with the knowledge that the consequences of the coronavirus will be enormous here as well. We wish you good luck, health and success in overcoming this crisis!

Our centres in Kikatiti and Ngorika will remain closed until further notice. We will keep you informed about current developments on our website

Many thanks in the name of “our” children for your help!

We look forward to meeting you again later in good health.

Yours sincerely, Good Hope Team.

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