Other ways to donate

There are many ways to help our children

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Are you or your company looking for a social project that offers help for self-help, guarantees sustainable development opportunities for the children and paves a successful way out of the poverty spiral? 

It’s great that we have found each other here. With the Good Hope Centre e.V., various support possibilities are open to you.

You can financially support whole children’s rooms (1 room for four children), whole houses (1 house for 16 children) or the children’s school education. Perhaps you would also like to participate in the ongoing financing of a children’s home?

There is also a great need for children’s toys, English-language books, school supplies and children’s clothing. Successful corporate involvement needs to be well planned and thought through.

Please get in touch with our chairman and arrange a first non-binding consultation. Of course, we will support your special commitment and provide you with all the necessary documents so that you can communicate your Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment to the outside world. We can provide you with logos, text contributions, donation forms, and short presentations – let us know what you need.

A visit by you or your staff on site is also welcome.

Occasion donations
Birthday, birth, baptism, wedding, anniversary, confirmation… There are many occasions. Is there something special to celebrate in your family, and it is important to you to bring joy to others on this momentous day? You could ask your guests to turn part of their gifts into a donation. We would be happy to provide you with flyers and concrete tips. Contact us in good time.

Non-monetary donations / Donations in kind
Donations in kind are also always welcome on site. However, please bear in mind that transport to Tanzania is expensive and needs to be well planned. Against this logistical background, we particularly favour large donations. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Donation ideas for you
There are so many opportunities to combine the beautiful with the good. We have put together a small selection for you:

– Organise a charity run for the children in Ngorika/Tanzania.
– Organise a charity concert
– Walk for a good cause – every kilometre counts
– Young people can bag groceries at the supermarket and donate their tips.
– Hold a bake sale
– Organise a raffle and donate the proceeds to charity
– Wash your car for a good cause

We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting and support your unique campaign for the children at the Good Hope Centre e.V.

Please feel free to fill out our form or go to back to your donation

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