Masks for the “Good Cause”

GLADIUS (Latin for short sword) stands for strength, power and endurance. These qualities usually help us to provide our customers with tailor-made fashion for special occasions or the “right appearance” in business and on stage. Now it’s about us in Germany and at the same time about this wonderful project in Tanzania!

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In this challenging time for everyone, we can and want to STAY TOGETHER!

Supporters are vital because only together can we move and achieve a lot. We need these partners, especially when things are not quite “normal”.

Especially now, in a time with many questions about health and quality of life, it is very important to support those who have very little or nothing. Good Hope Center e.V. and Gladius have had a strong bond of support and friendship for more than ten years, and therefore it was clear that something should be done now in the “Covid times”.

The children from the residential home in Tanzania need much more support and help right now, so we decided to support the Good Hope Center e.V. with our production of breathing masks.

The proceeds from the sale of the masks will help to help.

Dirk Grenke – Designer GLADIUS made-to-measure, business & lifestyle fashion GmbH


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