Task: Student teacher

Time period: August 2013

- December 2013

I got to know a fascinating culture, gained new experiences and made new friends.

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August 30 to December 15, 2013, in Ngorika Volunteer Justine. Due to my studies (teaching degree for elementary school), I had the opportunity to go abroad for at least three months. Since I’ve always wanted to get to know life away from our familiar European world, I now have the great opportunity to do so. I particularly enjoy working with children, and because an acquaintance who had been there before had told me a lot about the Happy Watoto Home, I was all the more pleased to hear about the promise to work as a volunteer. Teaching the children something, but also learning something myself from the children and employees of the Happy Watoto Home and all other new acquaintances, was a great reason for me to travel to this distant and yet so beautiful country. From my time at the Happy Watoto Home, I have certainly taken with me that you can lead a happy life with just a few things. Seeing how happy the children are and how grateful and interested, they are makes you even happier. Even if it was often small things, like talking together or playing Mau-Mau, it was often precisely these moments that were very intense and will be remembered fondly. The whole 3.5 months were extraordinary and a great adventure. I got to know a fascinating culture, gained new experiences and made new friends. That’s why I can recommend everyone to make a trip to Tanzania at some point.

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