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Of course, a lot happens every day at our Happy Watoto Homes & School in Kikatiti and Ngorika. Still, charity events in this country are also worth a mention. Exciting events, happenings and news are regularly recorded and published here. Whether you are a supporter, a member or interested: In this blog, everyone can find out what is happening in the world around the Good Hope Centre e.V. support association.


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What's new?

Merry Christmas 2021

2021 was another challenging and turbulent year, with 365 special days behind us. We all learned how to deal with new situations and challenges, what it means to find new ways at short notice when everyday things go off the rails.

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Masks for the “Good Cause”

GLADIUS (Latin for short sword) stands for strength, power and endurance. These qualities usually help us to provide our customers with tailor-made fashion for special occasions or the “right appearance” in business and on stage. Now it’s about us in Germany and at the same time about this wonderful project in Tanzania!

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COVID-19 hits Tanzania

Last Wednesday, Tanzanian President Magufuli made the unexpected and drastic decision to immediately close all schools and orphanages and send the children back to their original place of origin.

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Karibu Tansania

Our board member Christian Mathiesen flew to Tanzania at the beginning of August this year and surprised us after his return home with his latest film about our Happy Watoto project in Ngorika / Tanzania.

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